A Shadow Across My Heart

When we moved to Calgary I was 8 years old. We moved onto a street just up from our elementary school and I remember being excited that we had a back alley. 

Back alley’s are perfect for ball hockey.

After getting a net and playing a few games our neighbour came out. His sons had grown up and didn’t have a need for their old ball hockey sticks, so he asked if we would like them. 

At 8 years old, this was like winning the friggen lottery.

As the years went by we came to know our neighbours much better. We would look after their dog for short stints, house sit when needed and even call an ambulance when working in the garage took a wrong turn. 

Once we moved out talking with the neighbours only ever came at family BBQ’s and was always across the fence chatting deck-to-deck. But this was still great. I mean what more can you really ask for out of your neighbours these days then the ability to have a genuine conversation?

When you meet such caring, genuine, nice people at such a young age, it’s just a given that they will always be there. 

But they’re not. Today a shadow has crossed my heart and we’ve lost a truly wonderful man. 


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1 Response to A Shadow Across My Heart

  1. Linda says:

    A sad day to be sure, sorry to hear Matt – great neighbours are few and far between. Glad to hear though, that you had a great one 🙂

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